2021 Ford Ranger V-6

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2021 Ford Ranger V-6

2021 Ford Ranger V-6 ARE these the first-ever completely undisguised shots of the next-generation Ford Ranger due out in 2021? Or some future pickup from a rival carmaker that takes place to pay uncannily close aesthetic homage to the phenomenally effective Australian-designed as well as an industrialized medium truck? No one at Ford is saying obviously, but from what we can ascertain from the model broke in an external Melbourne suburban area today is that the crisp designing, general percentages and also some minute outlining aspects all suggest a really strong and also really clear Ford impact.

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And also not simply from the existing T6 Ranger series either, because the mystery ute’s vast stance, bold grille, blocky wheel arcs, deep glass area and also subtle rear window-line twist speak with an extremely Ford F-Series truck accent. If the secret use is from a competitor carmaker hellbent on muscling-in on the existing Ranger’s around the world success, its resemblance to the just-unveiled full-sized 2020 Ford Super Responsibility F-250 offered Stateside is undoubtedly no coincidence. Check out just how alike the C-shaped LED fronts lights, six-point grille garnish and also square front foglight real estates are, while the taillights and form of the chrome back bumpers seem virtually the same. Even the spoked alloys are very similar.

All recommend that either this holds true Blue Oval or someone from an additional company’s style studios seem to have access to what’s turning up out of Ford HQ in Dearborn. It’s simply regrettable the blacked-out windows prevented the eagle-eyed photographer from breaking pictures of the control panel and also inside. So blacked out are the home windows that it might recommend this is really a clay-model of the next-gen Ranger on its means to 2021 Ford Ranger V-6 Australia, not a rolling prototype. Given Ford’s existing fondness for extending tablet-like touchscreens, tiny steering wheels and also large central vents, see inside the cabin may have been the confirmation we would require to determine this enigma ute for certain.

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If the enigma ute indeed is the next-generation Ranger, then it’s an attractive upgrade on what has remained both a crucial as well as business international success for Ford Australia, acquiring a closer aesthetic link to the top-selling F-Series as well as highlighting the Ranger’s progressively crucial role in the North American vehicle market. The basic form and also percentages also bode quite possibly for the 2022 Volkswagen Amarok that will certainly be based upon following Ranger.

On the various another hand, if it is a close copy from an unidentified carmaker from China or any kind of various another component of the globe, after that hats off to 2021 Ford Ranger V-6 global style group for affecting the following great deal of mid-sized pickups. Regardless, what we’re seeing here is an actual good knockout.

The Ranger Raptor sporting activities a turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel motor is producing 211 horsepower as well as 369 pound-feet of torque. That’s plenty for abroad markets, however, UNITED STATE clients would likely demand more power from their efficiency truck. The 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 would have been a deserving substitute in the U.S. Now it appears the vehicle and also a gas engine is not likely to make it stateside. 2021 Ford Ranger V-6 has yet to verify if the UNITED STATE will certainly obtain the pick-up. And also it sounds like the strategy from the get-go was to maintain the Ranger Raptor in other markets.

” The job constantly was, what’s the best diesel power pack that we can discover, well balanced throughout all the qualities, that’s going to work in every one of those markets as well as with all sort of individuals,” Worthington informed the publication.

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” This client with this specific utility is seeking a certain degree of end result pertaining to performance, related to sustaining economic situation, we are encouraged that this is the best service, transmission and engine power pack,” he added. “I believe the only V6 diesel that we have is a 3.0-liter V6 as well as I’m rather sure it wouldn’t fit even if we tried to make it fit.”

This doesn’t mean the Ranger Raptor will not concern the UNITED STATE ultimately. We might obtain the diesel-powered efficiency vehicle at some time later on. Nevertheless, followers wishing for a gasoline-powered portable efficiency pickup might need to look in other places. The Ford Ranger Raptor has the potential to be the initial true high-performance full-size ute provided in Australia. Ford Australia is keeping its mouth snugly closed on any specifics at this stage, yet evaluating by the teaser video clip it has actually generated it’s virtually specific the auto will certainly get broader, a lot more hostile bodywork, uprated heavy-duty suspension as well as bigger brakes.

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2021 Ford Ranger V-6

The big inquiry, nevertheless, is what will certainly live under the hood. Once again, it is very important to state this is purely unofficial speculation at this moment, yet a reputable source has informed ELECTRIC MOTOR three engines went to the very least taken into consideration during Raptor Ranger advancement. First and most obvious is an updated version of the current Ranger’s present 147kW/470Nm 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbo-diesel. We would certainly anticipate something at the Tickford-tuned Ford Ranger’s 169kW/564Nm from this method.

Choice 2 is supposedly the 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 which can be found in the Ford Fusion V6 Sport and generates 242kW/515Nm. Last yet absolutely not the very least, MOTOR is informed the 257kW/440Nm 2.3-liter four-cylinder from the Focus RS was additionally trialed; an intriguing if somewhat uncommon prospect. As discussed, unsurprisingly Ford refuses to discuss this conjecture, however, the initial 2 absolutely make sense as well as while the power, as well as torque outcomes, may alter, at this beginning, we wouldn’t be at all stunned to see these two engines make manufacturing.

The trouble for Aussie enthusiasts is that we would certainly be exceptionally stunned if the petroleum engine was provided right here. The 2021 Ford Ranger V-6 Ranger is returning to the diesel-averse United States for the 2019 design year as well as a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 Ranger Raptor would certainly be the perfect little bro for the 336kW/690Nm 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 F150 Raptor. In your area, diesel versions control ute sales so it’s most likely we’ll be left with an oil-burner; practical, but not specifically interesting. We’ll know for certain later on this year when Ford Australia verifies more details.