2021 Ford Ranger News

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2021 Ford Ranger News

2021 Ford Ranger News 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor Development Underway Down Under. Although the first Ford Ranger Raptor has proved a hit with enthusiasts and critics, Ford wants to ensure that the next generation of off-road pickups blows its predecessor out of the water.

According to Justin Capicchiano, director of the Ford Performance Program, work is already underway on the 2021 Ford Ranger News, and the goal is to make sure it’s an even better animal.

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Capicchiano told Car’s guide that while he can’t comment on the 2021 Ford Ranger Raptor in certain details, he can confirm that “there’s a Raptor we’re working on” and he promises “there are a lot of people who are very concerned about [the Ranger Raptor of the next one]. generation]. , and they want it to get better, and it will be better.”

Will the Ford Ranger Raptor come to America in 2021? One of the goals Capicchiano says is of utmost concentration for the Australian team developing the new Ranger Raptor is to make sure it’s as impressive on the road as it is away from him.

Where the first Ranger Raptor was developed in the middle of the program as a variant of the Ranger, the 2021 Ranger Raptor will benefit from being developed from the ground up by a pool of talent dedicated entirely to its success.

“The most important thing is that everyone is focused on delivering a great product. It’s a unique way of thinking, and that’s when you make a really good product.”

Perhaps the most important thing for American truck fans is whether this really good product will find its way to North America. Ford chose not to bring the current Ranger Raptor to the United States when he relaunched the Ranger last year, but it was rumored that the next-generation Ranger Raptor will find its way into the state and America’s best-selling truck formation. The 2021 Ford Ranger News was recently named Detroit Free Press Truck of the Year.

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