2021 Ford Explorer Redesign

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2021 Ford Explorer Redesign

2021 Ford Explorer Redesign Ford redesigned the Explorer for the model year 2011, and although it is nearly eight years old at this stage, the three-row crossover is still one of the most sold vehicles in the medium-sized segment. The explorer manages to overcome dubious material quality and poor ergonomics with an elegant design, an excellent infotainment system, powerful engine options, and several near-luxury trims.

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Based on what we’ve heard, however, it seems that Ford is ready to rethink the Explorer again, most likely for 2020. Official information is still limited, but here’s what we expect from the next generation Ford Explorer.

The 2020 Explorer is supposed to share a platform with the new Lincoln Aviator. This means it will most likely be at the rear-wheel-drive based, with the full traction available as an option. The CD6 platform was also designed to accommodate front-wheel pull layouts, but we don’t see Ford going on that road with the new explorer. This is because a Ford teaser image published shows an SUV with a longer Dash-to-axle ratio, suggesting that the engine will be mounted longitudinally. The proportions also appear to be similar to the rear-propelled aviator concept (illustrated above), with a slanted roof and a pronounced Beltline.

The Explorer can change platform, but it should still offer plenty of room for the whole family. Expect the new version to continue to offer seats for seven (or maybe eight) passengers, as the Aviator concept has shown that it has plenty of room for a third row. Look for a larger cab as well as a layout that uses more efficient space than the existing one. Shipping will be much bigger, but when the redesigned explorer arrives, families who consider upgrading to the high-rated Full-Sizer may not need to do so.

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When Ford redesigned the explorer, the adaptive speed controller was usually reserved for luxury vehicles, and the backup cameras were a common choice. Today, the adaptive drive is standard in Toyota Corolla and every new car is sold with a backup camera. To make Ford more competitive, wait for Explorer to be full of technology. Co-Pilot360, the continuation of Ford’s active safety features, should be recommended, but probably not as standard. To be able to offer an impressive amount of connectivity, search for the latest version of Sync.

Ford didn’t talk much about the new Explorer, but we know one thing for sure: there will be an ST version. Like Edge St, Explorer St will most likely replace the sports model. Currently, the Explorer Sport makes 365 HP from a 3.5-liter Twin-Turbo V-6, but we expect Ford to add a good bit more power, potentially pushing beyond the 400-HP brand. Look for the Explorer ST to obtain a rear-biased integral traction system, as well as sports suspension and active roll control. Fortunately, it will offer enough performance to give the Dodge Durango SRT a real run for its money.

In addition to the Twin-Turbo V-6 from ST, expect the next explorer to offer several more pedestrian options as well. The current 2.3-liter turbo-four should stay around, but there is a chance of natural suction 3.5-liter V-6 may disappear. We would also not be surprised to see Ford 2.7-liter Twin-Turbo V-6 added to the range, potentially making an ST-matching 335 HP Edge. With respect to transmission, the current six-speed auto will probably be replaced by the 10-speed unit used in the recently redesigned shipment.

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2021 Ford Explorer Redesign

Currently, a basic explorer costs a little over $33, 000 with the destination, the Explorer sport is around $47, and the top of the Platinum Explorer starts just under $55, 000. Explorer 2020, however, will probably be a bit more expensive, although the increases are not as big as we saw on the revamped shipment. Expect to explore it starting around $36 000 and up north of $60 000. As for the 400-HP Explorer ST, this version should be at the price of the Low-to-Mid-$50000 range.